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Download Crystals and Cameron for Windows

CRYSTALS is software for analysing and modelling the diffraction of X-rays or neutrons from single or twinned crystals.
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See news and fixes for details of bugs that have been fixed or new features that have been added.

Build 1284
Latest version 1 June 2006
Save editable CAMERON drawings. Improved hydrogen placing
Build 1283
Previous version 31 December 2005
Improved cif generator.
Build 1280
Discuss problems installing or using the Linux version on the Wiki.
Download build 1251
8 October 2004
An old known stable version

This release of CRYSTALS is provided without charge to not-for-profit organisations. Individuals at for-profit organisations may install this release of CRYSTALS for evaluation purposes only. After evaluating the release the software must either be uninstalled, or agreement obtained from David Watkin in order to continue using it.

Optionally, fill in these details to help us track usage of the program. You will not be pestered by unsolicited email. You may be notified of important updates if you request them by leaving the check in the box below:

Name: Please notify me when new versions or patches are released.
Email: I have used CRYSTALS before.

New users might like to look at how to work through a couple of the example data sets that come with CRYSTALS.


Upgrading/downgrading: any release can be installed over the top of another, or in another directory without uninstalling the previous version.

Open the downloaded zip file with WinZip or similar, and extract the installer program (named crystals-bnnnn-monthyear-setup.exe)
Run the extracted executable.
It is best to accept all of the default options. CRYSTALS will install and run in a folder with spaces in its name, but we find it unseemly, and some external crystallographic applications may not work properly.
Once installed, you may delete the extracted .exe file and the .zip that you downloaded.

Version 12 installs without requiring admin priveleges on NT and XP machines. The installer will produce warnings during the install to non-admin accounts, but you can click 'Ignore'. The only things missing will be the ability to double-click .dsc files to start CRYSTALS (you could set this up for yourself), and the ability to right-click folders and choose "Open Crystals here".

Existing users will be interested in the latest release notes and news.
New users might find the Frequently Asked Questions useful before installing and using CRYSTALS.

Join the CRYSTALS mailing list to be kept up to date with new release announcements and for some general discussion about the program.

Previous versions

If you experience any problems with the new version please drop me an email, or fill in the bug report form. If there isn't already a fix for the problem, then we probably don't know about it!

Download build  1217
4 Feb 2004
Previous Win32 version. This version remains for comparison purposes: if bugs appear in the new version, try this one.
Download build 1216
2 Dec 2003
December version.
Download build 1190
29 Jan 2003
Win32 old version. This version remains for comparison purposes: if bugs appear in the newer versions, try this one.

For versions of CRYSTALS < 12, download MCE Fourier Map viewer (Written by Michal Husak, compatible with windows version of CRYSTALS). Do not download the stable (1.1beta3) version, it won't read the latest CRYSTALS .fou files, however beta7 and above are backwards compatible with .fou files from older versions of CRYSTALS.
CRYSTALS 11.99c and above include a copy of MCE.

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