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CRYSTALS, CAMERON and the manuals relating to these programs are not 'public domain', but are made available without charge to not-for-profit organisations. Other organisations should contact authors. SIR92 and SHELXS(84) are distributed with their owners permission. The licence below should be printed out, signed and sent to Oxford. SIR97 and SHELXS(97) are available from their authors.

What is the copyright status of the software?

All material in the CRYSTALS distribution kit, including the Documentation, is © Chemical Crystallography Laboratory, Oxford. The program CAMERON is part of the CRYSTALS system.

All the intellectual property and copyright in CRYSTALS is and will remain the property of Chemical Crystallography Laboratory, Oxford.

Chemical Crystallography Laboratory, Oxford and the authors of 'CRYSTALS' accept no responsibility for any limitations of the program and documentation or for any liabilities or claims arising from its use.

Anyone using CRYSTALS undertakes to indemnify Chemical Crystallography Laboratory, Oxford against claims arising in any way whatsoever, whether from negligence or otherwise, out of the use of 'CRYSTALS'.

Chemical Crystallography Laboratory, Oxford is under no obligation whatsoever to correct errors nor to notify users of errors in 'CRYSTALS'. Wherever practicable such errors will be corrected or the users notified.

Users may on their own initiative make modifications to 'CRYSTALS' subject to the following conditions:

  • The user will notify Chemical Crystallography Laboratory, Oxford of the modifications as soon as practicable.
  • The user will provide Chemical Crystallography Laboratory, Oxford with full details of the modifications, if requested to.
  • All intellectual property in the modification will vest in Chemical Crystallography Laboratory, Oxford who will have the right to distribute it to other institutions under the same terms as 'CRYSTALS'.
  • The symbolic and executable versions of the program 'CRYSTALS' will not be shown to nor distributed to any third party without written permission of Chemical Crystallography Laboratory, Oxford

Users may make such copies of the disks containing CRYSTALS as they reasonably require for their own working and back-up purposes.

The NAG* routines may be used solely in connection with their role within the 'CRYSTALS' package.

NAG* reserves the right to withdraw permission to use these routines from any or all sites using the package.

NAG* accepts no responsibility for any limitations of the routines or for any liabilities or claims arising from their use.

Published references to 'CRYSTALS' will be:

    Betteridge, P. W.,  Carruthers, J. R.,  Cooper, R. I.,
    Prout, K., Watkin, D. J. (2003). J. Appl. Cryst. 36, 1487.

Published references to 'CAMERON' will be:

   Watkin, D. J. Prout, C. K., Pearce, L. J. (1996).
   CAMERON, Chemical Crystallography Laboratory,
   University of Oxford, Oxford.

The current version of CRYSTALS-PC is experimental, and so is distributed without charge. When we are reasonably content with it, the University may insist that we charge a nominal fee.

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