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The Cambridge Structural Database

Rules for use of the CSD.

  • No official support is offered.
  • Access is only permitted from within the Chemistry Department, Oxford.
  • The CSD licence between CCDC and Chemical Crystallography Lab is renewed annualy and may be terminated without notice.
  • The username and password used to access the database is shared between everyone in chemistry. Anyone here can view, modify or delete your files.
  • Users must agree to the terms of the CSD licence. In particular: The CSD System shall not be used in conjunction with any consulting or joint project with any non academic Organisation without prior written permission of the CCDC.


Some links only accessible from inside the Oxford Chemistry network

Access from UNIX

Type: "ssh -X"

Access from Windows method 1 (Exceed)

You need:

  • Hummingbird Exceed (an X server for Windows).
  • A copy of the login script, csd.xs
  • The password

1. Installing Hummingbird Exceed

Open an explorer window and type (or copy) into the address bar:
(you must be a member of the CHEM domain to access this). Run MSetup.exe to install.

Exceed may not work if you have a firewall running on your PC (Windows XP often has a built-in one running by default). To get around this, see this document.

2. Login script

Download, save it on your desktop. Double-click, and extract the single file, csd.xs, to your desktop.

Double-click the csd.xs icon to begin.

3. The password

Call David Watkin on 285019.

Access from Windows method 2 (Cygwin)

  • Download the XliveCD ISO-9660 CD image from:
  • Burn CD image to a CD
  • Insert CD in drive
  • In the Cygwin shell, type: "ssh -X"

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