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People downloading the software are asked to fill in an optional form so that we can roughly count who is using the software. The form has recently been extended to include a comment field - a quick way for me to get feedback from people. I'm interested in why people are downloading a new version, what they might be hoping to do with it, any bugs they hope might be fixed, any clever ideas for extending the program. However, I think it is best not to specify exactly what the 'Comment' field is for, so that people don't feel constrained in writing exactly what they want.

Very few people actually write anything. Here are some of the best comments so far, in the hope that they will somehow inspire others to provide useful feedback, or just say "Crystals is OK!". Comments are unattributed to avoid putting people off sending good feedback in the future.

Crystals is OK!
Very well.
I've had quite extensive experience with this program.
I am a teacher of physics.
I am a high school physics teacher.
Linux user.
I used just the previous version and would profit of the improvement from pentagons to aromatic rings. Thank you.
My dreams include a slant fourier map of Kylie ...
Thank you.
Student in Physics
I'm a Shelx user and have occasionally used Crystals.
I like this program.

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