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This page is intended to provide a quick and easy way to report suspected errors or problems with the Crystals suite of software. If you need help using Crystals for a particular task, first have a flick through the manual, then try emailing David Watkin ( to see if we can help.

It should also be noted from the conditions of use that:
Chemical Crystallography Laboratory, Oxford and the authors of CRYSTALS accept no responsibility for any limitations of the program and documentation or for any liabilities or claims arising from its use.
and also that:
Chemical Crystallography Laboratory, Oxford is under no obligation whatsoever to correct errors, nor to notify users of errors in CRYSTALS. Wherever practicable, such errors will be corrected or the users notified.

Looking in the log and listing files may help identify the cause of the problem.

  • Have you:
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    Checked the Crystals Manuals?
  • With which program are you experiencing problems?
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  • Your operating system:
  • The problem:
    • A one-line summary of the problem:

      Check this box, if the problem is easily reproducible.
    • A full description of the problem including details of how to reproduce the problem, and any error messages that you can spot in the log files:

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