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Wikis are online collaborative collections of interlinked documents, with open content contributed and maintained by the community (for example see the Wikipedia free encyclopedia project).

The CRYSTALS manuals are notoriously opaque to some users, and are sometimes difficult to remember to maintain. The CRYSTALS Wiki is an experimental attempt at providing useful information all in one place, that people can update as they see fit.

Feel free to browse the Wiki for information. Before editing content, click on the 'Preferences' link and give yourself a user name.

Every page contains a link near the bottom called "Edit text of this page". Simply click it to edit the page. On the Edit page you have the option to Preview or Save your changes. If you decide not to change the page, simply click the 'Back' button of your browser.

Before editing pages, log in to give yourself a username. No email required, just your name!

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