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Crystals Wiki:
An online collaborative space/forum for the CRYSTALS software.

Crystals Worked Examples:
This is a step by step guide to the solution and refinement of two example structures using the graphical user interface and GUIDE, and starting from SHELX style HKL and INS files. Both of these data sets are included in the distribution of CRYSTALS.

The Crystals Manual:
It is not recommended that you read the whole CRYSTALS manual in one go. However, it is a useful place to find out all the available options for commands that are not accessible directly through the new graphical user interface and prewritten scripts.

The Frequently Asked Questions:
Sections include frequently answered answers to common problems and also how to carry out types of refinement and analysis (e.g. find the angle between a bond and a plane of atoms).

The Cameron Manual:
Full description of all the commands available in the graphics package Cameron, which is available inside CRYSTALS. These commands should also work in the version of Cameron distributed with WinGX.

The Crystals User Guide and The Crystals Primer:
are shorter documents both giving examples of common commands used during a refinement. Users who choose to shun the command line will not like these documents.

The Menu and toolbar:
is a brief overview of the graphical user interface. Due to the rate of development of the interface, this is usually slightly out-of-date, but the basic design is the same.

The Getting Started:
document gives a very quick overview of how to organise your data and run CRYSTALS on it, how to start up the 'GUIDE' (a key feature using the graphics and scripting language of CRYSTALS), and how to import data from a SHELX file.

The Index:
is an index into all of the sections of the manual listed here. Some sections are better indexed than others.

If you are not used to CRYSTALS yet, you might be wondering what 'lists' are. See this section of the CRYSTALS manual to put your mind at ease.

Your comments and corrections are welcomed.

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