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Mailing list

A mailing list has been created with the UK academic JISCmail service to give CRYSTALS users a forum for discussing the software.
We envisage the list being fairly low volume, primarily announcements of new releases, with occasional discussion of how to use CRYSTALS for various tasks.

Joining the list

To join the list, send an email to with the message (not subject):
join CRYSTALS FirstName LastName

The '--' stops the JISCmail software from trying to process any signature at the end of your email as commands.

Please note that once you have joined, your name and email address will be available to other members of the list.

Leaving the list

To leave the list, send an email to with the message:

Posting messages

To post messages to the list send email to You can only post after you have joined and confirmed your membership of the list. You should take care not to post list commands (e.g. "leave") to the list itself. They should always be sent to!


To contact the list owner for help, send email to


An archive of the list is held on the JISCmail server with posts going back two years. We will copy any useful information in to the CRYSTALS' FAQ permanently.


Further information on using JISCmail mailing lists is available from

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