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The crystallography lab offers the following crystallographic services:

Small molecule structure service

This service is offered to members of the University and regional institutions. We will:

Screen your crystals for suitability for data collection
Collect X-ray intensity data from the crystals if they are suitable
Solve the structure and provide you with a structure report

If you wish to use this facility we ask you to:

Characterise your sample as completely as possible before submission.

Complete a sample submission form for each sample. You can download it as a pdf file or Word document

Bring or send the completed submission form with your sample to the crystallography lab, 3076 Derring Hall.

Publish the results and include the crystallographer as a co-author, acknowledging also the NSF support to the Crystallography Laboratory

For questions contact Dr. Carla Slebodnick by email or at 231-7974.

Protein structure service

We have an in-house facility suitable for screening proteins prior to synchrotron data collection. For good-quality crystals we can collect entire datasets for structure solution in-house.
Contact Dr. Nancy Vogelaar by email or at 231-2093 for further information.

Collecting your own data

If you wish to collect your own data in the Crystallography Laboratory, please contact the staff member responsible for the instrument you wish to work on. VT students must also take the 5000 level crystallography courses to learn how to collect and process diffraction data. Students from other colleges and universities in Virginia can apply to join the crystallography workshop that we hold each summer.

Radiation Safety Examination

Before working in the Crystallography Laboratory, all users must pass the radiation safety examination of Virginia Tech. No exceptions will be considered under any circumstances. See the safety page of the Crystallography Laboratory for further details.