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Safety Information and Rules

The rules governing safe procedures in the use of X-ray equipment in the Crystallography Laboratory are laid down by Virginia State law. Radiation safety at Virginia Tech is administered by Environmental Health & Safety Services. The person at EHSS involved with radiation safety is:

Doug Smiley (Tel 1-5364).

The safety regulations are summarised in the "X-ray Handbook". A copy of the handbook is available for consultation in the Crystallography Laboratory. Hard copies may be obtained from the EHSS staff listed above. An on-line version is also available.

Radiation Safety Examination

Before working in the Crystallography Laboratory, all users must pass the radiation safety examination of Virginia Tech. No exceptions will be considered under any circumstances.

To prepare for the examination, read the information here. Note that the diffractometers in the Crystallography Laboratory are classified by the EHSS as "open beam analytical systems". Therefore, when you register for training, you must take the Analytical X-ray Training Test and enter Angel as the laboratory PI. Do not enter your own supervisor's name.

When you go to Blackboard, enroll in the course Radiation Safety: Analytical X-ray Safety Training

You then need to read the Xray safety documents and view a safety video as described in Blackboard, prior to taking the on-line test.

Other Safety Rules

The EHSS will inform the authorised user (Angel) directly when you have successfully passed the test. Users will not be allowed to start work in the Crystallography Laboratory until this notification has been received.

After passing the radiation safety examination, please read and make sure that you understand the general safety document for the Crystallography Laboratory available as a pdf file. The procedures to follow in case of an Emergency are specified in this pdf file

Operations and safety documents for the laboratory are on a separate page.

When you have completed these requirements come to the Crystallography Lab to register with Prof. Angel, and contact the appropriate staff member to arrange training in the use of the X-ray diffractometers. They are listed on the services page.