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The Crystallography Laboratory at Virginia Tech is a colocated facility of the Departments of GeoSciences, Chemistry and Biology, within the College of Science

The laboratory was officially opened in 2001 by the then Dean of Arts and Sciences, Robert Bates.

The laboratory provides crystallographic services to the University, conducts inter-disciplinary research, and teaches crystallography to students and faculty:

For information on our staff, their research, and the capabilities of the instruments follow the links on the left.

For information about our crystal-structure services, see Crystallographic Services

Teaching: We hold Crystallography Summer Workhops for faculty and students at Virginia Tech other Universities in the region, and teach two 5000-level crystallography courses to VT students.

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Department of Chemistry             Department of Biology             Department of Geosciences


Before starting to work in the Crystallography Laboratory, you must read the page on safety rules and pass the radiation safety examination of the University.

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