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Positions in High Pressure Research

There are many exciting scientific projects in high-pressure crystallography to be pursued at Virginia Tech including research in the fields of geology, mineralogy, solid-state physics, materials and chemistry.

All you need is a good education in a scientific discipline, a liking for undertaking careful experiments in the laboratory and a willingness to work hard in a challenging interdisciplinary environment.

NSF-funded Post-doctoral fellowship:

We have funding for a 1-year post-doctoral fellowship in high-pressure crystallography. The main project is to determine the factors that govern the response of framework structures to high pressures, but the successful applicant will have the opportunity to pursue other high-pressure crystallography projects of mutual interest. Measurements will be performed by single-crystal high-pressure X-ray diffraction, with diamond anvil cells and diffractometers housed in the laboratory. When necessary, complimentary powder diffraction and spectroscopic measurements will be performed. The high-pressure behavior will be analyzed with a variety of computational methods.

For full details and information on how to apply for this position, please download this pdf file. Questions about the position can be sent to Ross Angel, but applications must be made online at www.jobs.vt.edu. Applications will be evaluated from September 1st, 2006 until the position is filled.

Undergraduate Internships:

If you are an undergraduate with an interest in finding out about research in crystallography why not join us for a summer internship? Or sign up for our summer workshop. Contact Ross Angel for more details, and include a list of your classes and grades with your enquiry.


We have funding for Research Assistantships for MA or PhD students to study minerals at high pressures. The Department of Geosciences also awards a number of Graduate Teaching Assistantships (TA) each year to the best applicants across all subject areas who want to study for MSc or PhD degrees.

If you have an interest in undertaking an MSc or PhD in high-pressure crystallography, please contact us by e-mail: Ross Angel or Nancy Ross To apply for a position, please contact us AND make a preapplication to the Department by using this web form.

Post-doctoral fellowships:

The crystallography laboratory will also gladly host post-doctoral fellows who already have funding to pursue crystallographic research. Please contact us by e-mail, Ross Angel or Nancy Ross, if you have funding, or are planning on applying for funding. In the latter case we can help you construct your application.