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Mondo is available in four formats: RPM, SRPM, DEB and tgz (tarball). Each format has its advantages and disadvantages. Debian users, click to download Mondo and Mindi. Much kudos is due to Héctor García Álvarez for rolling the DEB's.

Click here for Mondo's latest releases. Mondo 1.6x is the stable branch. Mondo 1.7x is the unstable/development branch. You will also need the corresponding version of Mindi - 0.8x for stable, 0.9x for unstable. All these packages are available on this page. They are available for several flavors of Linux. If yours is not listed, try the generic packages.

FreeBSD users - Joshua Oreman has ported Mondo to FreeBSD. Click to download Mondo and Mindi. They are standard tarballs, so just use tar xzf and gmake && gmake install to build them. We need testers. The FreeBSD port is a work-in-progress, not a stable product (yet). We'll keep you posted.

Click here to see Jesse Keating's SourceForge packages for Mondo 1.4x and Mindi 0.6x - the stable branches of 2002. Jesse is the 1.4x/0.6x maintainer and a fine fellow as well.

I'll resume development of Monitas when time permits.

Monitas (alpha-quality)


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Anything missing?

If your Red Hat, Mandrake or other RPM-based distribution lacks certain crucial packages, the Mondo RPM will not install. Alternatively, if you are installing from tarballs, the code will not compile or function properly unless you have the necessary tools.

NEW! If you are using Red Hat 8 or Red Hat Advanced Server then you may wish to use Brian Baggett's RPM's at because his packages were prepared specially for those distributions.

The packages most often missing are:-

  • afio [tar] [rpm]

  • buffer [tar] [rpm] - only required for mondo 1.4x and earlier
  • bzip2 [tar] [rpm]
  • cdrecord [tar] [rpm] (Red Hat 7.3 users may need this)
  • lzo [tar] [rpm]
  • lzop [tar] [rpm]
  • mkisofs [tar] [rpm]
  • newt [tar] [rpm]
  • slang [tar] [rpm]
  • syslinux [tar] [rpm] (if your syslinux or isolinux RPM is broken then you may need this)

See the Documentation page if you have problems running or installing Mondo or Mindi.

BTW, do you need an 'atftp' RPM? Here's the SRPM, just for run. To build it, just type 'rpmbuild --rebuild <package>' after downloading it.