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This is the official 'thankyou' page. If you are listed here, it means you have done something helpful for Mondo. If you're not listed here and you think you should be, please contact me and don't be embarrassed about it: if you have contributed, your name should be here.

DevTeam: Hugo Rabson, Jesse Keating, Stan Benoit, Mikael Hultgren, Héctor García Álvarez.

Sponsors: Charles Acker, Ali-Reza Anghaie, Stan Benoit, Dmitri Bosiers, Matthew Cline, Bob Collins, William Codington, Joe Cooper, Lachlan Cranswick, Richard Damian, Randy Delfs, Lloyd Dieter, Warren Dodge, Nelson Doucet, Neil Dunbar, Doreen Friesen, Brian Goodyear, Andreas Gartner, Robert Granger, Douglas Heady, Karlheinz Herrmann, Robert Hieger, Robert F Hill, Maurice Janssen, Ted Kaczmarek, Merwan Kashouty, Jesse Keating, Roy Kimbrell, Herman Knief, Edward Konz, Robert E Laughlin, Scott Leerssen, Andree Liedenfrost, David Looney, Scott Mace, Sasha Mitelman, Jonathan Manning, Bruce Martin, Chris Mason, Dellae Mckenzie, Douglas McIntosh, TJ Meadows, Mark Newman, Fergus O'Rorke, Sean McPherson, Benjamin Merembeck, Sasha Mitelman, Andreas Pirrung, Frank Precissi, David Price, Scott Redford, Kevin Rennert, Eric Roark, Seth Rothberg, Anatole Sarko, Knut Schneider, Michael Sestak, Michael Shehan, Jeffrey Sofferin, Stephen Squier, Hal Thompson, Louis Townsend, Jason Ware, Bob Wooden, Wynja Web, Tobias Zetterkvist. [Sam Cramer, Roy Cromartie]



Fayrouz Abdelkhalek

gracing me with a real opportunity to be forgiving


hosting the Australian mirror


feedback, bug reports, etc.

Héctor García Álvarez

Sterling work on the Debian packages

Erik Andersen

the guy behind BusyBox... what more can I say?

Dagfinn Bakken

runs the mirror in Norway

Stan "Troff" Benoit

core contributor

Eric Boo

2.4 kernel feedback

Fran Boon

feedback, bug reports


found bug in incremental backup filelist generator

Frédéric Brin

Mindi+Debian+devfs patches - excellent!

Michelle Brown

Exchuse me... I shink I yuv oo. Hugi yuvs Meme yots and yots. Mwam! Why you shuch a frickin' Shnuggle?

Alex Butcher

had a cool idea for saving space on boot floppies


oodles and doodles of help

Rick Calder

tape backup, etc.

Dean Carpenter

good ideas; bug reports

Michael Clark

gave me lots of rather expensive hardware to play with

Gene Cooper

moral support; many, many Linux distros on CD

Joe Cooper

hosting Mondo's new website

Bruno Cornec

code-hacking; debugging; 2.4 compatibility work; removed Supermount dependency

Bill Davidsen

patch to minimize Mindi's dependency on /dev/loop

Mike Davis

corrections to manual

Phillip Deackes

OSS sound module compatibility (Mindi)

Randy Delfs

Debian-related feedback and testing; hacking the Mondo manual into shape

Aaron Digulla

a long wishlist full of good ideas; excellent bugfixes

Krzysztof Dubowitz

testing; more testing :-)

Dave Ellis

feedback, bug reports, real-world testing

Fred Feirtag

beta-testing; finding mistakes in the overhead-list

Johannes Franken

pain-in-the-ass German who runs a large company but won't contribute to Mondo except by submitting waspish comments and abstruse patches; glad to have you on board, Joannes :-)

Charles Galpin

lots of suggestions & moral support

Stuart D. Gathman

groovy idea to put tape users' data disks on the tape itself

Andrew Glass

Patches to make Mondo+Mindi use ISOLINUX instead of LILO for bootable CD's

Daniel Grandjean

Swiss mirror :-)

Dave Granz

cool bugfix for /mondo/biggify-me

Mark Hannah

moral support, beta-testing, comments, ideas...

Ole Hanson

bug-fixing, testing, etc.

Chad Harrelson

beta-testing; used to host a mirror and a message board

John Harrison

copious feedback, testing, bug reports & bugfixes; lots of moral support

Lee Harvey

the guts of the new [Sep 2002] website's layout

Bradley Hartin

finding the /var/log/pacct bug in v1.22

Rick Haskin

hosts the Mondo main site; provides feedback; this guy is rock-solid and he has never let me down

David Hess

lots of feedback, bug-fixes

Mikael Hultgren

Mondo's excellent manual; core contributor

John Huttley

figuring out the .journal thing; fixing a bug-me bug

Jesse "KP" Keating

core contributor

Donald Kerns

code review; debugging; moral support

David Kim

found & fixed erroneous error-reporting

Andreas Kotowicz

building packages for Gentoo

Maciej Kulasa

really cool bugfixes which made v0.977 possible; ongoing v0.98x-related feedback; forward-porting (?) v0.977's fixes to v0.99; re-rolling 0.99 tarball

Charly Kühnast

Mondo's new logo

Fabrice Laborie

a smartass with some very smart ideas ;-)

Jan-Eric Lindh

help with fixing a weird bug in Mindi; it used to choke on an /dev/cdrecorder - /dev/scd0 entry in /etc/fstab

Gary Lowder

2.4 kernel and Debian user; provided valuable feedback

John Mann

feedback, bug reports, etc.

Markus Marquardt

RAID patch for Mindi

Jean-David Marrow

cache for Mindi

Marshall McMullen

lots of bug reports & feedback

Benjamin Mickens

helped me get NFS mounting working

Jeff Miller

feedback & moral support

Michael Moellney

fixed a serious bug in the '--differential' switch code

Andreas Mohr

helped me out of the SYS.COM hole

Jason Murray

help with RAID- and /tmp-related stability

Philippe de Muyler

excellent RAID patches

Matija Nalis

useful wishlist & suggested bugfixes

Doug Nordwall

feedback & bugfixes re: SCSI HDDs and ZIP drives

Kosaku Nagasaka

nifty patch to v1.35

Marcus Oberhumer

author of the LZOP compression program

Jay Osborne

found two obscure yet fatal bugs in Mondo

Packetknife and co.

for keeping me sane


feedback; more feedback :-)

Michael Ralph Pape

submitted impressive 2nd floppy/SCSI patches

Frank Petzold

Debian user who patiently battled for weeks w/Mondo

Steve Pitts

crucial patches; some neat add-ons; countless hours of beta-testing

Dave Polniak

very interesting, useful & consistent feedback

John Price

helping me out of the SYS.COM hole

Terry Pritchard

debugging Mindi v0.2x and Mondo v1.0x

Avatar Roadkill

(well, that's his name, I guess) --- good suggestions

Mike Roark

cool page to help SuSE users use Mondo+Mindi; also loaned software to assist in the testing of Mondo on SuSE systems

Petre Scheie

patch to mondo-archive's MakeMountlist subroutine which enables it to handle NFS mounts more elegantly

Heiko Schlittermann

patch to handle percent chars in

Roger Schmeits

loan of important hardware, so that I may test Mondo more thoroughly; thanks, Roger!

Doc Shepler

donated a 14" monitor to the Mondo project

Chris Siebenmann

is_this_device_mounted() bugfix

Øystein Skadsem

submitted a nifty bugfix to Mindi on 7/25/01

Adam Sleight

copious bug reports & bugfixes; excellent friend, too!

Bryan Smith

bug reports; feedback; humor; persistence

Carl Wilhelm Soderstrom

bug reports; feedback; lots of cool patches; RAID SCSI card on loan; this guy is really something! :)

Sergey Sokolov

bug reports; feedback

Suzhe & Lonius

authors of Smart BootManager, which Mondo utilizes

Steve Swantz

good ideas; bug reports

Christian Titulaer

feedback, bug reports, etc.


Lefteye, we miss you... ("Why Lefteye? Cos eye is right!")

Tom (Consultant)

detailed feedback

Nick Uniatowski

website; cheerleading; the "Mondo saved my ass" t-shirt ;)


rolling RPM's for me; useful suggestions, too

Jeroen Van Pelt

feedback; testing; assistance with Mondo and Mindi, especially with loopmounting & kernel issues

Ronald Verlaan

SuSE 7.2 testing & feedback

Carlos Vidal



Lots of Mondo's new (Jul/Sep 2002) artwork

Art Wells

kernel 2.4-related feedback; code-hacking; debugging; packaging v0.98 for me; tons of useful stuff

Joachim Wickman

Slackware feedback & bug reports

Stephan Zegherd

groovy fdformat/superformat patch