Who needs to register?
Non-registered users of X-Seed are allowed 40 calls of the program for the purposes of evaluation. When this trial period has expired, registration is required for continued use of X-Seed.

Cost of registration
Registration of X-Seed costs $1,000 (U.S.) and grants you very liberal terms of use. Essentially, what you get is a departmental site license - there is no single-user license.

What you get for registering
Registration entitles anyone affiliated with your department (i.e. faculty, staff, students) to unlimited use of the software. This includes use on work, home or portable computers. Anyone registering X-Seed will be entitled to all future updates at no additional cost, and free technical support by e-mail.

Terms of use
When you register, you will be supplied with a code that will enable your installation(s) of X-Seed indefinitely. You may not give this code to anyone not covered by the terms of the license agreement. Anyone terminating their affiliation with the licensed institution/department (e.g. a student who graduates and leaves) is no longer covered by these terms. Click here to view the license agreement.

How to register
Contact Len Barbour at barbourl@missouri.edu.