Links to other essential or useful programs:


The most popular small-molecule crystal structure solution and refinement programs currently in use.  The SHELX-97 software suite includes the programs SHELXS-97 and SHELXL-97 for which X-Seed was originally designed as a graphical interface.  SHELX-97 is free for academic use, but must be obtained from Professor George Sheldrick. 


The Persistence of Vision Raytracer is a high-quality, totally free tool for creating stunning three-dimensional graphics.  In order to create molecular graphic images, X-Seed requires that you download and install POV-Ray for Windows.


Free software for viewing molecular structures. Real-time rotation in Stick, ball-and-stick, spacefill modes.


Using POV-Ray, X-Seed is able to produce a series of files that represent the frames of an animated image - i.e. a molecule spinning about an axis.  Many programs are available that can be used to piece the frames together to make a single animated file.  The best program that I have found for this purpose is Animagic. 
Shareware: $29.00.


The best image viewer and thumbnail browser for Windows. 
Shareware: $40.00.

Programmer's File Editor

Excellent free text file editor.