Free Downloads:

I will make various crystallographic resources available here as I receive or develop them.

Free Download # 1 - Crystallography True-Type Font for Windows:

Click HERE to download this font. Save the file to your font folder (e.g. "C:\WINNT\Fonts" under Win NT/2000, "C:\Windows\Fonts" under Win 95/98/Me). The font should then be ready for use by your Windows programs such as MS Word, etc.

The characters are mapped to the keys: 1 - 4, 6, a-y

Copyright Notice:
© 2001, Len Barbour. You are free to use this font as you please, but you may not mass-distribute it without the express permission of the author, Len Barbour. Whenever feasible, you are requested, but not required, to acknowledge the author for its use.