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There are additional pieces of software that are required to run Wulffman. Information about these different software packages, as well as additional references, can be found in the links below.

  • Geomview :
    Wulffman was written as a module for Geomview so that Wulff shapes could be rendered and manipulated easily in 3-D. Geomview was written by the Geometry Center at the University of Minnesota, and an archive and description of this software can be found on the geomview web site.

  • Qhull :
    The convex hull algorithm used by Wulffman is Qhull.

  • Xforms :
    The GUI interface for Wulffman was written using Xforms, and makes calls to Xforms libraries. NOTE: Wulffman was built using the 0.81 version of the Xforms library and does not compile correctly with the 0.86 version. Please be sure to compile and link against the 0.81 version!

  • Measure :
    An interactive Geomview module that allows measurement of various polytope properties (facet areas, facet normals, vertex coordinates, edge directions). While not specifically intended for Wulffman, it is very useful when used in conjunction with it!

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Last updated: Sep 30, 2002