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Tutorials and Examples

Louis Farrugia's WinGX Single Crystal Suite

Installing WinGX v 1.64 on Win95/Win98

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Registering Shelx and Sir97/Sir97

To use Shelx93/Shelx97 and Sir92/Sir97 you must be a registered user of these programs. If you have not already, go to these sites and register (free for academics) and register. While at it, get the latest Sirware (sir97) which can easily link into WinGX.

Obtaining the Licence file for WinGX

Downloading and installing WinGX

  • Now copy over the licence file you have received via E-mail to the WinGX directory as: WinGX-license (normally c:\wingx\ is the installation directory).

  • Edit (or create) the c:\autoexec.bat file and add the following lines.
    SET WINGXDIR=c:\wingx
    SET CHECKDEF=c:\wingx\files\check.def
    SET PGFONT=c:\wingx\files\grfont.dat
    set RASEXE=c:\wingx\for_prog\raswin.exe
    set NETEXE=c:\progra~1\netscape\commun~1\program\netscape.exe
    set POVEXE=c:\progra~1\pov-ra~1\bin\pvengine.exe
    (Reboot your computer for these changes to take effect)

  • Read the installation file for some extra information. [http://www.chem.gla.ac.uk/~louis/software/wingx/install.html]
  • [CCP14 UK Web Mirror] | [Canadian CCP14 Mirror] | [US CCP14 Mirror] | [Australian CCP14 Mirror]
  • This includes information on obtaining program for plugging into WinGX such as Win Dirdif, Povray, Ortep-3, GUI WinSTRUPLO, etc....

  • Run WinGX, enter into Files, SYSTEM, Applications to link in the plugin programs such as graphics viewer, VRML viewer, etc.

    WinGX 1.64 Setting Application Preferences Dialog Box

  • Other Preferences can be set via the File, System, Preferences menu

    WinGX 1.62 Preferences Dialog Box

  • If you have trouble with running out of environment space, put the following line in your c:\config.sys and roboot. (if the c:\config.sys file does not exist on your system, create it with a text editor)

  • If you are running WinGX from a shared network or directory area where you do not have write permissions to the wingx.ini file, WinGX may not be able to do basic functions as it requires to be able to write to the wingx.ini file.

    There are two solutions to this.

    1. Make the main wingx.ini file writable (there is a risk that this might be accidentally overwritten as a result).

    2. Every user has their own copy of the wingx.ini configuration file using the SET WINGXDIR parameter to point to this in their local c:\autoexec.bat or user specific network parameter file.

      (e.g., SET WINGXDIR=g:\users\lachlan\wingx )

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