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Tutorials and Examples

Louis Farrugia's WinGX Single Crystal Suite

Installing 32 bit Ortep-3 on Windows 95/Windows 98

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Ortep-3 is the Oak Ridge National Laboratory program by M.N. Burnett and C.K. Johnson. As seen from the following screen dump, the GUI version by Louis Farrugia has put a complete Graphical User Interface around ORTEP and includes, Windows Edit Copy, and links to RASTER3D and Povray for photo realistic rendering of structures.

Ortep-3 Screen Dump

Obtaining the Licence file for Ortep-3

Downloading and installing Ortep-3

  • Download Ortep-3 - http://www.chem.gla.ac.uk/~louis/software/ortep3/
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  • Extract the Setup.exe file using WinZIP for PKZIP into a temporary directory such as c:\temp

  • Run the setup.exe program.

    Ortep-3 install screen

    Ortep-3 install screen

  • After the setup program prompts for the directory to install Ortep-3 into, then installs the files; it will then present you with the Environment variable information that is required to be set.

    Ortep-3 setup screen, Environment Variable Information

  • Edit (or create) the c:\autoexec.bat file and add the following line.
    set ORTEP3DIR=c:\ortep3\

  • Now copy over the licence file you have received via E-mail to the ORTEP3 directory as: Ortep3-license (normally into the c:\ortep3\ directory).

    (Reboot your computer for these changes to take effect)

  • Then run WinGX and link in Ortep-3 so it can be called by WinGX using the Files, SYSTEM, Setup, Applications, Applications-1 option.

    Linking Ortep-3 into WinGX

  • If you have trouble with running out of environment space, put the following line in your c:\config.sys and reboot

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