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MarchingCube 3D Fourier Contour Electron Density Map Display Software for Windows by Michal Husak

Links for obtaining 3D stereoscopic glasses for MarchingCubes3D for Windows

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From Michal Husak:

Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2000 16:36:14 +0200
From: Michal Husak 
To: "L. Cranswick" 
Subject: Re: 3D glasses for marching cubes?

The best source of information about stereoscopic HW is www.stereo3d.com

Marching cube could work in 2 stereoscopic modes -
HW independent interlaced mode and HW page flipped OpenGl
mode supported only on some professional graphic card.

The Interlaced modes is supported on flowing
cheap game glasses:

The most cheap glasses witch will work is the Isee3D complete.
(30 USD ) from www.isee3d.com. 
Maybe that there could be some trouble with shipping.

A bit more comfortable is the VrJoy form www.vrstandard.com (80 USD with
shipping). That is the model witch you saw at the ECM 2000 conference in Nancy.

Another comfortable and cheap solution : the Iart Eye3D wireless 4-1
glasses from www.iart3d.com

The HW page flipped mode will work only on graphic cards listed on

All the mentioned game glasses could be used. I suggest to use
professional NuVision 60 GX glasses from www.nuvision3d.com
for serious work ...

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