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Tutorials and Examples

LHPM-Rietica Rietveld for Win95/NT by Brett Hunter

Starting out with LHPM-Rietica and inputting your raw data in the correct format

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LHPM-Rietica and other Rietveld programs are very sensitive to the data format - and the file extension. Thus if you have initial problems, make sure the file format is correct - then check the extension is correct. (e.g., 10f8 Rietica format having the file extension of *.dat)

From the following screen dump, the data file looks like a 10 (I2,I6) neutron format. Normally this has the file extension of *.DAT.

Checking the file format

From the following screen dump, the file has a *.TXT extension; thus rename this to a *.DAT extension using a Windows file manager/Windows explorer.

Checking the file extension

Renaming to DAT file extension

Start Rietica and open the data file using, File, Open and selecting LHPM Data File (*.dat)

Opening the Data file

This should then reveal something like the following data.

Data is viewable.

Now if doing a File, New Input File as per the following screen image.

New input file screen

Make sure you go into Model, General and set the Read Data Using Format to the correct format (in this case, 10 (I2, I6)

Setting the data format inside the input file

Now carry on with setting up your input file, cell, structure, etc.

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