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Tutorials and Examples

LHPM-Rietica Rietveld for Win95/NT by Brett Hunter

Rietica and MS-Windows non-English regional settings

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If you have the following problems and are working on non-English region settings in Windows, update to the latest version of Rietica.

The reason behind this problem is:

To: "'Lachlan Cranswick'" [l.m.d.cranswick@dl.ac.uk]
From: Brett Hunter [bah@ansto.gov.au]
Subject: RE: Rietica - from Hugo Rietveld
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 07:23:14 +1000

Hi Lachlan,

It is in fact a Microsoft thing - the Regional Settings sets the decimal 
point type depending on the conutry.  Rietica now over writes the setting
(only for Rietica - other programs running at the same time use the 
regional set ting) to be a ".". 

It is a pain in the butt, but avoidable when you now about it. 


Dr Brett Hunter
Building 58, ANSTO,PMB 1, Menai,
NSW  2234, Australia
Work:      -61-2-9717-3338
Fax:       -61-2-9717-3606
email      bah@ansto.gov.au
Web sites: http://www.ansto.gov.au/ansto/neut/s_hun.html

In the Windows, Control Panel, Regional Settings, check what your computer is set to. In this case, it is on Dutch (standard).

Regional Settings dialog in Windows

Now try and do something simple like opening a data file in Rietica.

Trying to open a dat file in Rietica

You may get the following Cannot determine datafile format error

Rietica error message

Check the file format, but the main reason may be a problem with Rietica and Windows. Getting the latest version of Rietica should fix the problem.

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