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Collaborative Computational Project Number 14

for Single Crystal and Powder Diffraction


Compiling Perl

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NB: The following may be non-optimal as still working out nuances on different systems to get a method that is psuedo bulletproof.

Why use Perl

The free Perl is a scripting language interpreter necessary for various applications including the world wide web.

The present versions of Perl are quite easy to compile though it does have a large number of questions during Configuring.

The stable version of perl used at the time of writing was 5.005_03 (18th November 1999). This was compiled on an SGI O2 running IRIX 6.5.6.

Where to get Perl

The Perl website is at http://www.perl.org. At the time of writing, the stable version of Perl was 5.005_03

Extracting the Distribution Files

To extract the distribution files: This creates a subdirectory where the files are ready to configure and compile.

Compiling and Installing Perl

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