Run Simref 2.6 on your Macintosh !

There are two ways to do that:

To learn more about running Simref on the Mac see the ReadMe file coming with the downloaded BinHex files or go here.

If there are any problems with these files or instructions, don't bother Harald.
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Building your own Simref

You will need:


I recommend the combination of

Once you have prepared your Macintosh for code generation, you will need to translate/compile Harald's Fortran77 sources.

What I did:

Download Simref 2.6 for MacOS

You can download BinHexed executable codes of Simref 2.6 here. Three version exist:

The packed files contain a self-extracting archieve which in most cases will automatically extract itself when it is built. You will find a "ReadMe - Simref 2.6", "Simref 2.6 (68K/PPC/FAT)", "simref26.pdf" and a directory "demo" with demos (attention: some of them are not updated to the 2.6. input formats).

Packages with Promet 1.0 will be available soon!

ReadMe MacOS


MacF2C Console opens and asks for argument (don't give any).

Once running, Simref waits for you to enter the input-file name.
You may enter lenghty file names in a run-file named "r" or something and choose this file as standard input using the choose box in the left part of the dialog.
The right choose-box selects the standard output. As typical in unix systems, predefined standard input is <keyboard> and stdout is <screen>.

Known Problems

Minimum Heap size had to be set to 9600 kB, but approx. 15 MB RAM are required to run the software comfortably.
Typically, an error message saying "Simref 2.6 could not be launched, because the library Simref 2.6 was not found" appears in case the program's heap size is insufficient.



I will try to edit a GUI environment for the Mac using the most part of his code, but this will consume some time.

Stroll by from time to time and have a look at the Simref Mac pages. We are working on it!

Carsten Schinzer, Munich, Germany, 20.1.1999.