Automated Guinier Diffractometer and Camera for X-ray
Powder Diffraction at Temperatures between 10 and 450 K

Instrument Features:
  • High resolution and high intensity:
    e.g.: Si(220) reflection, recorded with CuK-Alpha 1 radiation (15.05981 nm): FWHM=0.075 deg (2-Theta), peak intensity 17000 cts, measuring time 30 sec/step
  • Novel setup (picture, 26kB) :
    computer controlled adjustment in transmission or reflection geometry
  • Data recording:
    Two counters or film record the diffraction pattern, Monitor counter records the monochromatic primary beam
  • Novel monochromator (picture, 43 kB) housing for Ge(111)
  • Closed Cycle cryostat (picture, 44 kB) with removable sample holder (picture, 42 kB) equipped with furnace for continuous work from 10 to 450 K
  • Spinning sample at all temperatures within a He atmosphere to improve thermal contact at low temperatures

Best suited for measurements of:

  • Intensities at variable temperatures
  • Thermal dependence of lattice constants

Poster as pdf-file (2.5MB).

Analysis Software

Data reduction using Simref and Simpro.


All photographs taken by K. Roettger. We acknowledge financial support by the DFG under project nos. IH 9/3-1 to IH 9/3-4 and PR 44/6-1. Special thank to C. Rebmann, H. Ritter and H. Schmid for creative help.


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