View upon the diffractometer:
   Set up adjusted for transmission geometry

   Left:  Translation (XS,YS) and rotation (Omega S)
          for the sample support  
   Right: Monochromator (M)

   Diffractometer with two counters
   with special degree of freedom (Omega C) to keep
   the two counters C1,C2 oriented towards the sample (ST)
   Magnified setup (127 kB)      

  Diagram of the beam path

  Legend see above and:
  F1 Focus of the X-ray tube
  F2 Focus of the Johannson bent
  XC Translation of the counter circle
  ST Sample position for transmission 
  SR          "          reflection  
  R  Radius of the diffractometer


  R1:R2=1:2, gear for the counter