Oscail-X Software for Crystallography and Molecular Modelling

Oscail is a control program which provides convenient automated access to all of the crystallography, molecular modelling and visualization software.

Visualization software
View molecules and pack crystal lattices using ORTEX, (interactive Ortep) with several hardcopy options. Photorealism is available using the Raster3D components RASTEP and RENDER which are linked to IrfranView (an outstanding graphics viewer).
Rendered movies of rotating molecules and molecular dynamics are simple to make using RASMOV. These movies are suitable for web pages, presentations etc. Rotatable opengl rendered graphics are provided by Pogl with high resolution output of any structure or crystal lattice generated by ORTEX or Moilin.

The Crystallography Software also includes - 
CAD4 data reduction (XCAD),
Space Group determination (ABSEN and GETSPG),
Structure solution and refinement (SHELX),
Absorption Correction (ABSCALC),
Lattice examination (ORTEX),  Lattice void search (VOID),  Cell and Lattice Symmetry checking (CHKSYM),
Powder pattern simulation (Powutl) and display (Powdis).
Crystal Structure Prediction for ionic and covalent organics (Ritmol) with test data.
The excellent PFE text editor is integrated to simplify file editing. A utility (Formats) is available to convert between file types.

Oscail also provides On Line  Help for all of the programs.

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