Oscail-X Windows Software for Molecular Modelling and Crystallography from
National University of Ireland, Galway

Móilín molecular modelling software
All use of Móilín, TINKER, Mopac, Gamess and Iconc in published work should cite the authors of the programs used.

Móilín interfaces with TINKER, Mopac, PC-Gamess and Iconc

(c) Patrick McArdle and Rex Dark, NUI, Galway, Ireland

Móilín is FREE to ACADEMIC users Commercial users must obtain permission for its use.
See Moilin Examples and Tutorials

Download Móilín (including Mopac and Iconc)  Download Moilin Tutorials  zlib

TINKER  Copyright (c)  Jay William Ponder  1990-2003
may be download from http://dasher.wustl.edu/tinker/  install tinker first and then
Moilin setup will be able to use the installed Tinker files

PC-Gamess (Use a DOS version) may be obtained from Professor Alex Granovsky

Iconc programs are kindly provided by Professor G. Calzaferri

e-mail to
p. mcardle

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