ORTEP-III - Fortran Source Code

Executable versions of ORTEP-III ready for downloading and running on several computer platforms are available by clicking here.

Download the Fortran source code for ORTEP-III (175K)

Compilation Options (IMPORTANT)

When compiling ORTEP-III, make sure that subprogram variables retain their values between calls. This is the default mode of many Fortran 77 compilers, but some require a particular compilation setting. Check your user's manual.


The screen drawing capabilities available in ORTEP-III are provided by PGPLOT. PGPLOT is a free graphics library developed by T. J. Pearson at the California Institute of Technology. Information about PGPLOT can be found on the World Wide Web at http://astro.caltech.edu/~tjp/pgplot or via e-mail to tjp@astro.caltech.edu.

PGPLOT is not required to compile ORTEP-III. Without PGPLOT, screen drawing is not possible, but Postscript and HPGL file ouptut of the ORTEP illustration still function.

As downloaded, the screen drawing portion of the program is commented out. Dummy subroutines that do nothing replace the screen drawing versions. If you have PGPLOT, locate the words "DUMMY SCREEN OUTPUT" in the source file and remove or comment out the dummy subroutines found in that section. Uncomment the subroutines in the section labeled "PGPLOT SCREEN OUTPUT". Be sure to set the operating system environment variable PGPLOT_DEV.

No Fortran Compiler

The Fortran code of ORTEP-III has been successfully converted to C code with the utility F2C and compiled with various C compilers. F2C is available via anonymous ftp at netlib.bell-labs.com in the directory /netlib/f2c. A Macintosh version is available at alumni.caltech.edu in /pub/Mac_F2C.

Since PGPLOT compilation requires a Fortran compiler, the screen drawing capability of ORTEP-III is not available when going the C route.

Compiling for UNIX:

Compiling for VMS:

Compiling for Macintosh with Fortner Research LS Fortran:

First compile the PGPLOT library for the specific Macintosh platform.


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