ORTEP-III - Compiled Code

The Macintosh version of ORTEP-III below, compiled at ORNL, is Version 1.0.3 (Jan. 31, 2000).

Links to other sites with versions for other platforms may not work. If they do, the programs may still be 1.0.2. This information will be updated as the new versions become available.

The screen drawing capabilities incorporated into these versions of ORTEP-III are provided by PGPLOT. PGPLOT is a free graphics library developed by T. J. Pearson at the California Institute of Technology. Information about PGPLOT can be found on the World Wide Web at http://astro.caltech.edu/~tjp/pgplot or via e-mail to tjp@astro.caltech.edu.

The Macintosh versions of ORTEP-III incorporate the port of PGPLOT to Fortner Research LS Fortran by John S. Salmento.

Read the Macintosh README file

Download the self-extracting archive in ASCII (text) format (712K)

Download the self-extracting archive in binary format (520K)

Louis Farrugia (louis@chem.gla.ac.uk) has built his Ortep-3 for Windows around version 1.0.3 of ORTEP-III.

Pedro Giffuni (giffunip@asme.org) of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia has compiled ORTEP-III for FreeBSD-2.2.5. The distribution consists of a gzipped tar file containing the ORTEP-III executable and a file grfont.dat, which is needed for screen rendering. Two unix environment variables must be defined to use the program:

PGPLOT_DIRset to the directory containing grfont.dat

The FreeBSD version is available as


Martin Kroeker (martin@oc2.oc.chemie.tu-darmstadt.de) has compiled ORTEP-III (1.0.3) for PC LINUX. Use the following link to download.


John C. Bollinger (jobollin@indiana.edu) has compiled ORTEP-III for Windows NT. Information is available at


Kate Crennell (bca@isise.rl.ac.uk) has compiled ORTEP-III for Acorn microcomputers running the RISC OS operating system. It is available from HENSA, the Higher Education National Software Archive, in the UK. This archive is available to academics at any time; access from other sites may be stopped during the working day until after 18.00 UK time. The executable is available at



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