About me

Not too much to say, I am Assistant Professor with University of Paris XI, at Orsay, some more info can be found on the other pages.

I can be reached at:

Université Paris Sud, Laboratoire de Physico-Chimie des Solides, Batiment 410, LPCES-ICMMO, 91405, Orsay

fax 01 69 15 47 97

email: nita.dragoe at lpces dot u-psud.fr





-2003, december 19, HDR, University of Paris XI, Orsay

-1996, December 2, - PhD in Materials  Science, University of Paris XI, Orsay, France and in Physical  Chemistry,  University of Bucharest, Romania (scholarship of French  Government,  MAE-BGF).

Subject: "The structure and properties of the iodine  intercalated superconductors of BiSrCaCuO type". Supervisors: Prof. Alex  Revcolevschi (France) and Prof. E. Segal (Romania)

-1991- Licence in Inorganic Chemistry, MSc,  University of Bucharest

Subject: "Coordination compounds with thermochromic  properties". Supervisors : Prof. M. Andruh and  Prof. E. Segal, University of  Bucharest


-presently, Assistant Professor, University of Paris XI, Orsay

2000-2001, Lecturer, University of  Tokyo, Department of Applied Chemistry

1997-2000, Postdoctoral  Researcher in University of Tokyo, Department of Applied  Chemistry, Japan  Science and Technology CREST Researcher.

1998-2001, Lecturer, University of  Bucharest, Department of Physical Chemistry

1994-1998, Assistant Professor, University  of Bucharest, Department of Physical Chemistry

1991-1994, Research Assistant/Teaching Assistant, University of  Bucharest


Teaching experience:

2001-, Crystallography, X ray diffraction, Inorganic Chemistry

1991-1997, Solid state chemistry, Chemical Kinetics  (undergraduate students)

1994, 1995, Chemical reactions in heterogeneous  systems (graduate students)

1995-1997, X-ray diffraction laboratory courses  (graduate and undergraduate students)

1997, Non-isothermal chemical kinetics (graduate  students)


Professional skills:

-Materials synthesis: high temperature  superconductors synthesis by ceramic methods, decomposition of precursors,  single crystals synthesis (flux growth), synthesis of coordination compounds,  organic chemistry syntheses (fullerene-based materials)

-Materials characterization: expertise in  X-ray diffraction (powder, Buerger, Weissenberg, indexing, cell refinements,  Rietveld analysis), transmission electron microscopy (ED, EDX), thermal analysis  (TG, DTA, DSC, CRTA), low temperature transport properties measurements,  physical-organic  chemistry spectroscopic techniques (IR, UV-VIS, LDI TOF MS,  NMR, HPLC, GPC and coupling techniques TG-MS, TG-IR...)