Other and Old Problems

Q 1.1 When I try to start the program I immediately get an error saying that the program is accessing an obsolete version of SALFLIBC.DLL or that there is an unrecognised format code or a missing export to the files SALFLIBC.DLL or WGXLIBxx.DLL. What is wrong?

A 1.1 You have old versions of these DLL files. The most likely reason is that the Setup program has not overwritten one or either of these files. The easiest solution is to delete all old versions of SALFLIBC.DLL and WGXLIBxx.DLL - which will be in your windows system directory (c:\windows\system for Win 95/98, c:\winnt\system32 for NT/2000 c:\windows\system32 for XP) - and run the Setup program again. Look for these files on your system. You should have only ONE copy of each on your computer, in the Windows system directory. They must have the date-stamps given here

Alternatively, you can download the current versions of all WinGX system-DLL's from this link. Download the required DLL'S and place them into your Windows system directory.

Q 1.2. I get run-time errors which give me a Window similar to that shown below. What is wrong?

A 1.2. This is usually only an issue with NT/2000/XP and is due to permission problems. It can also arise with Windows 95/98/ME if the directory has "attrib r" set ( i.e. readonly). The directory you use as the working directory MUST have read/write permissions for the user. Please see your system administrator if you do not know how to set these. Note that the directories pointed to by the environment variables WINGXDIR or ORTEP3DIR must also have user read/write permissions.

If you have ANY of these problems you are using old versions of the programs. Please update your program.

Q 2.1. When I start a program (usually PLATON or WinGX) I immediately get an Access Violation error from CCOPY#. What is wrong?

A 2.1. This was caused by a bug in the Salford library SALFLIBC.DLL. Current versions of PLATON have fixed this problem. Please let me know if this is not the case.

Q 2.2. I get an error message saying "Invalid stream pointer (FILE*=NULL)". What is wrong ?

2 5.2. This was due to a bug in the run-time library SALFLIBC.DLL. Now it should give a message saying that it cannot read a CLEARWIN message - ignore this, it is not important.

Q 2.3. When I start up the program, the main menu bar is too small to see properly. What is wrong?

A 2.3. The parameter MenuWindowHeight in the [System] subsection of the WINGX.INI file has become set to a ridiculously small value. This occasionally happened in version 1.63 due to a bug, which this has been fixed in release 1.64. Reset the value of this parameter to something around 140-160 (the exact value depends on the Windows font sizes you are using). NB - you need to close down WinGX before editing this file.

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