Latest Program Versions

Latest Program Versions

To check program build dates, use the "About Program" menu item. For WinGX see the "WinGX Systems Applications" dialog box (File-System-Applications menu). The DDL run-time library files are in your Windows system directory (called either c:\windows\system, c:\windows\system32 or c:\winnt\system32 depending in your version of Windows)


Version 1.70.01 (build date 10-01-2005)
Ortep-3 for Windows

Version 1.08 (build date 03-01-2005)
PLATON for Windows

PWT version 1.08 (build date 03-01-2005)
PLATON executable - this is updated frequently see here.
DIRDIF for Windows

Version 99.2 (build date 03-01-2005)
STRUPLO for Windows

Version 1.01 (build date 03-01-2005)
Run-time library SALFLIBC.DLL Version dated 05-03-2003
WinGX run-time libraries WGXLIBxx.DLL CIFTBX26.DLL Date stamp 02-01-2005 for all.

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