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This version of DLS76 was compiled under MacOS X using the g77 compiler.  
It will run form the Terminal window of MacOS X

The stuffit file DLS76-02.sit contains the following files:

    1523 Apr  5 18:13 README
    1093 Apr  4 16:29 dls76
  155649 Apr  4 15:40 dls76.f
  229648 Apr  4 15:40 dls76.x
     264 Apr  4 16:54 examples
    2072 Apr  4 15:16 makefile
  164185 Apr 25  1997 spgr.dat

If you want to use it as is, you should place the folder DLS76-02 in the /Application/ folder 
in your MacOS X partition/harddisk and move the shell script dls76 from the folder
DLS76-02 up directly into /Applications/.

In the file .tcshrc (located in your home directory) you should include the directory /Applications/
in $PATH (if that is not already done).  You can now run dls76 from any directory by typing 
the following line in the Terminal window:

dls76  input  output

where "input" is the name of your input file and
      "output" the name of the output file.

If you do not give the file names the default file names "dls76.inp" and "dls76.out" will be used.

If you want to change this you have to edit the shell script "dls76".

The files spgr.dar is needed by the program dls76 if you use the "GENER" option.  
However we recommend to use the program "kriber" to generate an input file for
DLS76. You can download a MacOS X version of "kriber" also from this site

Also provided is the source files dls76.f together with the makefile should you require to make 
changes to the program.  Please send us a note if you add new functionality to
the program or you discovered an error.

In the directory "examples" the input and output files for the 2 examples listed in the manual 
are provided.

The manual can be downloded from under the link "Software" and "DLS76"

Christian Baerlocher

April 2002