DirAx Installation

Obtaining DirAx You can obtain the program via anonymous ftp. The program is distributed as binary in the form of a compressed tar file for various unix platforms.
Platform Version  
Dec Alpha True64 OSF1 1.13 download
Linux 1.13 download
Silicon Graphics 1.13 download
We have old (1996) versions available for
msdos   instructions
VAX/VMS 1.06 instructions

Installing DirAx
  1. Copy the tar file into an empty directory, for example /usr/local/src/dirax/dirax1.13.tar.Z
  2. cd /usr/local/src/dirax/
  3. Uncompress with uncompress dirax1.13.tar.Z
  4. Untar the file with the command tar -xvf dirax1.13.tar
    (If you have GNU tar, you could skip the uncompress step and use gtar -xvfZ dirax1.13.tar.Z)
  5. Generate with your editor a file /usr/local/bin/dirax (or somewhere else in your searchpath). This file should contain two lines:
    exec /usr/local/src/dirax/dirax "$@"
  6. Make this file executable: chmod ugo+x /usr/local/bin/dirax
  7. The help command will activate netscape. If netscape is not available mozilla will be tried. You may define another browser by adding a BROWSER alias in the file /usr/local/src/dirax/dirax.init (for example \alias browser mybrowser) or define an environment variable BROWSER.
  8. You should now be able to use dirax.
  9. You may run the command dirax < ex_solutions.inp > ex.out. and compare the results with the file ex_solutions.out in the distribution.

Version History
  1. DEC-Alpha: Some versions of netscape (e.g. version 4.7) cannot be started from within DirAx, but DirAx will display the documentation once netscape is running.

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