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Contents of the Distribution Package

About DBWS Program

Download files below

(A) Executable Files --
(DBWS9807a.EXE's Release 22.02.00)

Download DB9807a1.exe
Download DB9807a2.exe
Download Read Me
Download For
Download F-test
Download Q-test
Download QPA-test

(B) Main Source Files --
(release 21.09.98/21.05.99)

Availability of the source code-

We do claim copyright on the source code for DBWS9807a. However, it is available to academics and other bona fide users who will use it only for their own research in the spirit of scientific cooperation and in no way for commercial exploitation. There is no charge for the code, per se. A modest fee may be requested for copying and mailing and for produciton of any "hard" (paper) copy that may be required. Requests should be directed by post to

Prof. R. A. Young
School of Phyics
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332 USA

or by e.mail to

(C) Utilities --
(release 21.05.99)

Download DB2dI.exe (Rietveld to ICDD-PDF)
Download DMPLOT3.48 with exe

User's Guide (Acrobat PDF) here

Note: you need acrobat reader to view PDF file above