Researchers in the X-ray Group

Prof. A. G. Orpen

Professor A. G. Orpen

'Traditional' areas of research in Professor Orpen's group include structure determination using single crystal X-ray diffraction, molecular modelling and studies using structural databases. More recently a large amount of research has been devoted to crystal engineering - both synthetic and theoretical studies are being undertaken. This work involves the use of secondary bonds (often, but not always hydrogen bonds) to direct the formation of crystals.

Dr JPH Charmant

Dr Charmant's interests focus on single crystal X-ray diffraction of organometallic molecules, using the results to provide information on fundamental organic processes such as C-C bond formation. He is also interested in applying new methods to the study of micro-crystals deemed to be too small for study by conventional single crystal X-ray analysis. 'Charlie' is also known to enjoy the odd pint of Guinness and a single malt or two.

Dr Chris Adams

Chris is a Junior fellow in Crystal Engineering.

Dr Tom Podesta

Tom is a Research Associate in Crystal Engineering.

Lee Hall

Lee Hall is a member of the School of Chemistry technical staff who is permanently assigned to the X-ray group.

Angharad Baber (e-mail)

Angharad is a 2nd year Ph.D. student.

Paul Crawford (e-mail)

Paul is a 2nd year Ph.D. student.

Ben Salt (e-mail)

Ben is a 2nd year Ph.D. student.

Dave Edmonds (e-mail)

Dave has just joined the group as a Ph.D. student.

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