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Research Facilities and Equipment

SMART 6000 Diffractometer

Bruker-Nonius Proteum Diffractometer

Our new state-of-art single crystal diffractometer is used for both small molecule and protein work.
SMART Diffractometer

Bruker-Nonius SMART Diffractometer

Our workhorse area detector diffractometer has allowed us to collect diffraction data rapidly since 1995.
D8 Powder Diffractometer

Bruker-Nonius D8 Powder Diffractometer

We use this machine mainly for phase identification of powder crystalline samples.
Silicon Graphics O2 Workstation


The laboratory is equipped with a large number of Windows 2000 workstations used for structure solution and refinement. Several Linux workstations are used for molecular modeling and studies using the Cambridge Structural Database. One Silicon Graphics workstation is also used for molecular modeling.

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