SDPD Internet Course

Comments from students

- I have thoroughly enjoyed this exercise and look forward to more torture ! (M. R.).

- I really like this course. Its a combination of fun and knowledge. I am learning many new softwares, as well as how to solve the crystal structure from powder diffraction. Since I work on polycrystalline material, the course is helping me a lot. (C.M.).

- I read the assigned parts of the Tutorial, and I agree completely with your views about the ICDD database ! I too have wasted enormous amounts of time chasing down false leads. Even well known and common minerals such as garnets are not well represented. Often I generate my own patterns from the published structures using DBWS or programs like POWDERCELL (which directly reads ICSD .txt files) for a quick look. Unfortunately I don't own an ICSD database but do have access to a colleague who does. I have ordered the latest ICDD upgrade (at an exorbitant price!) so in a few weeks I should have at least thoses calculated patterns from ICSD handy. I look forward to the next exercise. (M.R.).

- The 10th session was really tough for me !!! Those students, who could finish this exercise satisfactorily, my salute to them. (C.M.).

- Thank you very much. This is the result of what I say to my students they should do: "fazer com gosto" (making things, enjoying them!). I think that this is half the way to the success... And in this case it is very easy to enjoy what you are doing because the course is very well thought and made. It seems to me a little bit like a rally paper... So most of this week's calculations were done this weekend, while I was
taking care of the daffodils in the garden. (H.B.)