SDPD Internet Course


The course aims at providing the knowledge and the tools for determining a crystal structure from powder diffraction data. SDPD is still not exactly a routine procedure (see the SDPD Round Robin conclusions) but remains a real challenge.

Contrarily to structure solution from single crystal data, where most of the steps are really automated in normal cases (normal meaning a real single crystal without systematic twinning or defects), a SDPD requires a careful work in all the successive steps : identification, pattern recording, indexing, space group choice, structure factor extraction, application of classical Patterson or direct methods, or choice of direct space methods (molecule location), and finally, Rietveld method refinement and structure completion. 

It is expected that the students will be able to solve the unknown structure provided at the final examination stage, after 10 weeks of intensive learning, and then will be able to face any real case of their own with full confidence in their new skill.