Bridging the gap between Unix and WINDOWS

PROP version 2.4 June 2013
Authors: James Burnley, Ron Ghosh


Whilst porting calculations from Unix/Linux to PC-Windows is often fairly straightforward, the Windows User is then faced with constructing batchfiles to simplify running the programs "at a click" and thereafter faces the problem of printing the results on a Windows printer.

PROP helps resolve these traumatic experiences by providing a complete environment on the PC which matches that often set in a Unix login script. Programs are initiated by clicking on the name. Results too in the current working directory can be selected and viewed in a standard Windows editor, from where they can be easily printed.

ILL Graphics are presented using PGPLOT from Tim Pearson, employing a Windows server program GRWND.EXE by Tauguhiro Tamaribuch which includes the ability to print directly to a Windows printer.

The program is a Tk/Tcl script and is packaged for easy installation together with a set of libraries including PGPLOT for MinGW and Visual Fortran.

Online guide to PROP

PROP Program download: ronsoft/prop/

Unzip the file into a temporary directory and click on setup.exe. The program files can be simply uninstalled.

The utility has been extensively tested using the suite of programs reducing SANS data at the ILL. These too take advantage of the Tk/Tcl interpreter included in the prop installation .

Please send comments and criticisms to R. Ghosh, reghosh(at)