A. Jouanneaux

WinMProf version 1.2 21/06/2001
* The WinMProf manual in word97 format has been replaced with a downloadable PDF file.
* Changes in the reading of start and finish angles (see line 5 in the manual or on-line help)
* Changes in the reading of Kalpha1-Kalpha2 radiations (see line 15, values(15.1) to (15.3), line 17 and line 27)
* New output options included (GFOUR, WinSTRUPLO, WinPLOTR) (see line 7)
* A description of the examples provided with the software is now given in the manual
* In the Finger, Cox and Jephcoat's correction for asymmetry, it is now possible to refine simultaneously both parameters of the model without divergence in the refinement
* Howard's correction for asymmetry has been implemented

WinMProf version 1.1 28/01/2000
* Standardless Quantitative phase analysis included.
* New routine from Pr. Burzlaff to interpret the space group symbol (standard or non) and from it to retrieve the symmetry operations (the spg_sym.dat file is no more used).

WinMProf version 1.0. 29/05/1999

This file contains the three following sections:
1. Distribution of WinMProf
2. Installation of WinMProf
3. Updates


1. Distribution of WinMProf

WinMProf is freely distributed without restrictions only within the scientific community. Industrial or commercial institutions have to contact directly with the author for using the software.
Users getting WinMProf are asked to send an e-mail or fax to the author giving their name, institution and full address.

2. Installing WinMProf

This version of WinMProf (1.2) is a self-extracting ZIP file. You can install it just by double-clicking on InstallWMP.exe.
The program will be installed by default in the folder "Program Files/WinMprof".

After self-extraction, the following files are supplied :
* WinMProf.exe required executable
* WinMProf.hlp documentation in windows help format
* WinMProf.cnt help contents file

* Various example files are supplied in the default folder

"Program Files/WinMprof/Examples"

* Others files : WinMProf.gid and Uninst.isu

If you did not receive all these files please contact: Alain Jouanneaux

3. Updates

Updates of WinMProf do not require the Add/Remove or uninstallation options.

4. Note

Shorcut for easy access to the WinMProf executable file is presently not automatically created.