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The Equiv program allows for the analysis and management of data collections from X-ray single crystal diffractometry (namely, a generally large set of hkl indices, together with the corresponding diffraction intensities, or structure factor, and standard deviations). It is particularly useful for high symmetry systems, where a checking of the intensities of the equivalent reflections  is a good and fast way of estimating the quality of the data collected. Since the publication of the release 1.0 of the program, a number of upgrades have been done and a new graphical interface  has been developed.




The new 2.0 release (1/05/03) of equiv is now ready for download. The program has been extensively tested on a Linux based platform (kernel 2.2.17) but it can run on every Unix or DOS/Win based system.

Choose below the suitable package for your system:


equ_gui.tar.gz  Linux and Unix based systems  Windows based systems



To install the program, read the README file provided with the package.
The Graphical Interface requires the installation of the Tcl/Tk package.
The Windows version has been zipped with WinZip.



Equiv is free, but users should register by compiling a form. Registered user will instantly receive a password file to get full functionality of the new graphical interface.


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