Maximum-Entropy Program MEED, MEEDCAB und MEND

MEED is the enhanced version of the Maximum Entropy program of Kumazawa et al. (1993). This program may be used for all space-groups for the calculation of strictly positive crystallographic density distributions, as e.g. electron and Patterson densities. The new program MEEDCAB has the new type of constraints described in Burger & Prandl (1998) for the case of structure factors determined with anomalous scattering, with a remaining phase ambiguity. The brand-new program MEND is for neutron scattering densities, where also negative densities can occur. Additionally, a FOURIER program is supplied, which can read the MaxEnt input files.
Extensive documentation is available. The programs are supplied as a gzipped tar-file for a UNIX computer, and as zip-files. The programs are distributed together with manual and the complete source code in FORTRAN 77 and are free of charge for scientific applications.



Versions are of May 1998
Last updated: September 11, 2003