Problems and Countermeasures

Windows Themes
Do not use "Windows themes" as they alter program timing .

Windows XP PRO
Using Oscail if your are not the Administrator you may get the message

"Cannot open file, FILE=C:\EXE\ORXCOL\DIR.DEF, UNIT=66"

Although the software functions correctly as Administrator, when logged on as a limited user account the program will not run.  The fix is that
the administrator must alter the computer security settings to disable simple file sharing.  This allows adjustment of the security settings
for individual folders.  The security settings for the EXE folder must be changed to allow users to write to it.  This is not the default.
[Thanks to Christopher D. Johnson]

Windows 98
If the setup program gets stuck and appears to be doing nothing do the following. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and one of the jobs should be "Winoldap". If that is the case select "Winoldap" and End Task. The Setup should finish. This problem is related to slower responses on older computers to some of the changes in Setup.