A number of crystallographic laboratories have adapted ORTEP to meet their specific needs. For the convenience of ORTEP users who may have similar specialization requirements, we maintain a list of contacts for such systems, which we call "ORTEP Kin" since in our neck of the woods, family members are called kinfolk. The ORTEP Kin list is currently divided into groups according to the type of modification made such as graphical user interfaces, preprocessing programs to generate ORTEP instruction sets, and larger integrated systems that include ORTEP.

We do not plan to make such modifications to the standard ORTEP we distribute since specializations tend to restrict portability and versatility. However, we actively encourage others to enhance ORTEP and distribute ORTEP kin. We can not respond to ORTEP kin problem reports.

Please send additions, corrections, and comments on this list to ortep@ornl.gov.

Graphical User Interface Systems

Ortep-3 for Windows http://www.chem.gla.ac.uk/~louis/ortep3/ Contact: Louis J. Farrugia (louis@chem.gla.ac.uk)
ORTEP_FOR_SUN ftp://kekule.osc.edu/pub/chem/software/SUN/OPEN-WIN/ Contact: Norimasa Yamazaki (yam@crystal.pc.uec.ac.jp)
ORTEX http://www.ucg.ie/cryst/ortex.htm Contact: P. McArdle (P.Mcardle@ucg.ie)
ZORTEP http://www.rzuser.uni-heidelberg.de/~v54/xpm.html Contact: L. Zsolnai (mess@mondo.aci.uni-heidelberg.de)

Hardware (e.g., video board) Overlap Correction

Contact: Robert Diamond (rd10@mac-lmb.cam.ac.uk)
Contact: R. Hundt (hundt@uni-bonn.de)

Instructions and Instruction Generators

ORTEP for Quantum Chemists http://www.kk.ttu.ee/toomas/research/ortep-for-qc.html Contact: Toomas Tamm
KPLOT Contact: R. Hundt (hundt@uni-bonn.de)
SUORTEP Contact: Gerald G. Johnson (johnson@vax1.mrl.psu.edu)
TEPIN Contact: Gary Newton (newton@sunchem.chem.uga.edu)

Systems Incorporating ORTEP

DIRECT-SEARCHER System Contact: Kenji Okada (kokada@rdc.ricoh.co.jp)
GSAS http://www.lmcp.jussieu.fr/sincris/logiciel/prg-gsas.html
TEXSAN http://www.msc.com/msc/software.html
UCLA System Contact: Chuck Strouse (strouse@chem.ucla.edu)
XTAL http://www.enraf-nonius.delftny.com/products/soft/xtal.html
XTEL http://www.iumsc.indiana.edu Contact: John Huffman (huffman@indiana.edu)


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