ORTEP-III Helper Programs

Macintosh Only

ROTATER, written by Craig Kloeden, lets you rotate points and lines in 3D in real time with stereo options. The program is available at http://raru.adelaide.edu.au/rotater. TEP2ROTATER is a utility for extracting information from the text ORTEP output file and creating a data file of "transparent" thermal ellipsoids and bonds that can be read and displayed by ROTATER. For this to work, atoms must be drawn with 70x instructions rather than 71x, and bonds must be drawn with 802 (not 812) instructions. Download TEP2ROTATER (54K).

PS2EPS+, written by Peter Lerup, will create a bitmap of the Encapsulated Postscript ORTEP illustration contained in a .PRN file so you can see the illustration if you import the file into another application. Download

DropPS, written by Rich Siegel, lets you send a .PRN file produced by ORTEP-III directly to the printer. Download


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