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1100 Series Instructions: Save Sequence

It is often desirable to repeat a sequence of instructions one or more times with other instructions executed between the repetitions. The 1100 series allows the user to do this without the necessity of putting in duplicate sequences of instruction cards. It is not an elaborate looping device, but it does give additional flexibility to the system.

The three instructions in this series are 1101 to start the save sequence, 1102 to terminate the save sequence, and 1103 to execute the save sequence. All instruction cards and their trailer cards between the 1101 and 1102 instructions are executed and saved. Each subsequent 1103 instruction then repeats all the saved instructions. There are no parameters to be entered with the 1100 series instructions.

ColumnsInstructions 1101, 1102, and 1103
6-91101, 1102, or 1103

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