Setting Up a Linux System

The most persistent and confusing question that arises in setting up a Linux system is, how does one pronounce "Linux"? Linus Torvalds, the Finnish graduate student who devised Linux, has recorded a sound clip of how *he* pronounces Linux. The Finnish pronunciation can be described, roughly, as "Lee-nooks". An accepted English pronunciation, however, is "Lih-nux" (short i and short u).

The first thing one should decide in setting up a Linux system is which distribution of Linux to use.

Distribution NameSourceCD-ROM PriceComments
Slackware 3.0 Walnut Creek$39.95The classic and arguably the most popular distribution.
Redhat 3.03 Redhat$49.95A popular, commercially oriented distribution of Linux that installs completely from CD-ROM and includes a software package management tool to expedite loading, deleting, and updating of software. Contains a proprietary X server in addition to XFree86
Caldera 1.0 Caldera$65 at eductional price;
$99 otherwise
A distribution designed to bring Linux into the workaday world. Includes many proprietary add-ons and all software need to set up a PC as an Internet server. An office suite is also offered for an additional $215 (educational price).